Tuesday, January 22, 2013

10 Ways to Add Variety to Reading Aloud

I use these methods multiple times during reading instruction. It keeps students from zoning out because they aren't sure how we're going to be reading next. It also keeps me sane when having to read the same story over and over. It also gives students who struggle with fluency a chance to hear fluent reading and practice reading with expression with echo reading and choral reading.

1. Choral reading
2. Popcorn reading: Randomly calling a student's name to continue where previous reader left off.
3. Reader's theater: Acting out the book by reading the parts
4. Filling in the words: Read aloud and students fill in the missing word where you pause
5. Students read with a partner (taking turns every other sentence or paragraph),  then summarize to the group or class.
6. Students read aloud at their own pace, while teacher comes around and listens
7. Reading a page or two silently, then summarizing as a group.
8. Give the student a chance to practice, then tape record themselves and listen.
9. Students read in a different voice (whisper voice, robot voice, singing voice, spooky voice, etc)
10. Students practice a story then go to a younger grade to read to them.

I would love to hear ways you add variety to reading aloud. How do you keep it interesting for you and the students?

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