Sunday, January 27, 2013

Valentine's Day Freebies for Pre-Schoolers

I made a few more FREE worksheets for Valentine's Day. I plan on making a couple more, and I will add them to this post, so check back!

Here is a fun fine motor activity for students still learning to write their letters. Tracing this lines will help them build the muscles they need for letter writing. I recommend sticking with crayons for young children because it requires more muscles in their fingers to write or draw with. We wants lots of finger muscle building with these kiddos!
Click the pictures for the link to download.

Here is a fun cut and paste activity for math time patterning. My old Pre-K students (even the boys) love pretty pictures like this, so I know this would be something they would love to do. In addition to math skills, it is great for cutting and pasting practice as well.

Also, here's a link to my Valentine's counting sheet that I posted last week. I'm adding it here, because I want to make this post a collection of all of my Valentine's Day freebies, so check back!

Check out some more awesome freebies for the month of February over at Corkboard Connections,  Teaching First & Classroom Freebies!
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