Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of School Round Up

Here are some fun activities for the 1st day of school that I've seen around the internet.

"When I Grow Up" photos
I especially love the use of chalkboards for these pictures.

What kind of teacher do you want? 
I love this because in addition to reminding you what kids love about teachers, it can also help you introduce brainstorming. You can also use it to find and discuss adjectives.
Also, if you haven't checked out the videos from "Teaching & Learning Together", you really should! There are some really great strategies for teachers to use, and watching these teachers teach is so inspiring!

First Week of School packet
One of my favorite parts about being a teacher is seeing the progress that students make throughout the year.  This is a great packet for Kindergartners to work on their first week.  Then during the last month of school, they fill the packet out again to see how much they've learned.  

Ways to Show Respect
This is a fantastic way to get students thinking about how to be respectful in all areas of the school and with all people.  This is so important when building your classroom community. I would take this even further and have students write "I will be respectful at school" and have them sign the back.  You could also break students into groups and have students write and perform skits of the Dos and Don'ts of one of the categories.  

Name Caterpillars 
I like having students do some type of name activity on the very first day.  Something cute that can be hung up on the wall that very day.  I think it helps give the students ownership of the classroom.  These caterpillars are an example of something that would be great for young students. Aren't those adorable? 

Summer Overview
Kids are always very excited to share something excited that happened over the summer, so I always like to include an activity to give them a chance to do so, and to give closure to the summer break. Here's a super cute Summer worksheet. 

Get to Know Your Classmates BINGO
Let's not forget the freebie I made a couple days ago! As I said, this is a fun way for students to get to know one another and see what they have in common with their peers. 

Of course, don't forget about doing some fun read-alouds during the first week. Tomorrow I will be posting some of my favorite stories to read during the first week. Stay tuned! 

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